For Sept. 13th

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  • mini orals prep: Group A: The Normans in England – Group B: The Daily (NYT)


  1. Depending on your group, do your research or listening homework (check the schedule).
    Make sure to choose a podcast episode from the previous week, and only the previous one.
  2. Research or listen and make either :
    for the research homework: a flashcard (dates, places, people, events, issues, consequences and heritage)
    for the listening homework:  a list of issue-related vocabulary, phrases & structures.
  3. Prepare a one-minute oral presentation of your assignment:
  • Reorganize key information in a 30-sec abstract. Paraphrase as much as possible.
  • Develop a personal commentary on the topic: 30 sec
  • Structure your mini presentation to hook your audience (hook/grabber + clear transition from recap to commentary + use of humor or direct address to listeners to grab their attention throughout + circular structure / ccl°).

In class:

  1. Peer presentation (and note taking)
  2. Class presentation for at least 2 of you

  • First speaking assigment: