Instructions for presentations (for Tuesday, 23rd of November)

Read once again the last two texts we have studied (“Moths Inspire Better Smartphone Screens” and the one on Computer generated paintings). Pay attention to the kind of information that is given in each text and to the overall structure.

Then prepare your own presentation. (Collaborate with the members of your group – you cannot change group). You must present a new technological device/program etc… It could be inspired from an existing one, BUT in that case you must a) briefly present the existing one, and b) show in what substantial way your “improved” version is different. Use your imagination!

In particular:

a) Be very precise about what this new technology does and how it works, and describe in some detail its components and various features, and

b) Discuss its advantages over similar technology or its benefits if no such technology exists, as well as potential problems and dangers for humanity (and how you could overcome them).

c) Prepare slides for your presentation. Every member of the group should present some part and contribute equally. Do NOT read while presenting.

[The presentations will be marked and the class will vote for the best three.]