Homework for March 8th

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  1. Find out what the central issue of the dossier is (CCINP 2019). Write it down.
  2. Use the attached method sheet and complete part 1.

3. Start-of-class speaking activity:

Group talks 

Prepare for a group conversation that will be carried out at the beginning of class. You will speak about a common topic in groups of 4 (+ two groups of 3). The groups will change every week.

Don’t prepare full sentences but think about the topic, find ideas & precise examples, look up vocabulary.

At the end of your 5 min group conversation, you will get extra minutes to prepare a detailed and structured recap.

One of you will be picked to present this recap to the class, talking for two minutes: intro of the topic, global presentation of the variety of opinions, two or three main points, conclusion.

You will not read from extensive notes when presenting your report.

Issues and students groups:

If you could have chosen the country you were born in, which country would you have picked and why? Ryad, Farès, Fany, Livio

Why are we sometimes more shocked by the pain or death endured by an animal than by that of a man? Ilyas, Alexis Barbier, Titem, Iman

If you were rich, would you donate a part of your fortune? How much? To whom? Alexis Bonnefoy, Mossaab, Younes, Louis

What makes your blood boil? Krystian, Madeleine, Marvin, Emmanuel

What’s in a name? (ex: Can a name affect a child’s future? What about the tradition of spouses taking their husband’s name?) Mohamed, Iris, Mathias, Alexis Ly

Why do we choose to text instead of talk? Antoine, Emma, Diell

Is a game just a game? Lyes, Maxime, Darius

Life without music – Kubranur, Yassine, Tom, Ghali

Are smartphones & computers making us dumb? Abdoulaye, Mame Diarra, Pirya, Mathusha