Homework for March 22nd

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  • Vocab test on French/English false cognates. Part 1
  • Group talks 

Prepare for a group conversation that will be carried out at the beginning of class. You will speak about a common topic in groups of 4. The groups will change every week.

Don’t prepare full sentences but ask yourself questions, find ideas, precise examples, look up vocabulary.

At the end of your 5 min group conversation, you will get five extra minutes to prepare a recap.

One of you will be asked to present this recap to the class, talking for two minutes. Intro of the topic, global presentation of the variety of opinions, two or three main points, conclusion.

You will not read from extensive notes when presenting your report.

  • If you were rich, would you donate a part of your fortune? How much? To whom? Ilyas, Emmanuel, Lyes
  • Which languages, other than the ones you can already speak, would you like to master? Why? Alexis Bonnefoy, Emma, Madeleine, Iris
  • If you could change one thing about you…Younes, Alexis Ly, Krystian, Farès
  • What’s the transport of the future? Mossaab, Mohamed, Fany, Titem
  • Is it a good idea to have a tattoo?Louis, Pirya, Alexis Barbier, Livio
  • How does the way you look matter to you?, Tom, Iman, Maxime, Ryad
  • Why do we take risks? Mathias, Darius, Antoine, Mathusha
  • Is social media a distraction? Mame Diarra, Ghali, Yassine, Kubranur
  • What motivates you? Diell, Marvin, Abdoulaye