Homework for March 1st

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  • CCINP exam paper.
    1. Read the texts (see attachment: “LVA-Anglais 2019”) and look up any word of vocabulary you do not master (mastering a word of vocabulary = knowing its French equivalent + how to spell and pronounce it properly). You will be tested on this vocabulary.
    2. Then, prepare a “home-made” method sheet about this type of exercise: “la synthèse de dossier”.
    3. Carefully read the Jury’s report (see attachment: “Rapport-CCINP-anglais-2019).
  • Watch this video and prepare a two-minute report (main points in your own words = 30-45 sec + personal remarks in your own words = 1:15-1:45) that you will deliver without notes.
  • Enjoy your holidays!