Homework for Jan 24th

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  • Article review: same principle but from now on, no notes will be allowed during presentation. Also, this is the start of the second semester so everyone must be ready!
  • Review debate vocabulary and method for a second in-class debate. You can also vote for one of the two questions from the form and start listing arguments and looking for examples. https://forms.gle/dF5Ks1Ep2pAkhff27
  • Vocab test for all those who missed class last Monday

  • Relisez les consignes, descriptifs (Centrale et Mines-Ponts) et rapports de jury relatifs au nouveau format de khôlle (Centrale & Mines-Ponts) et surveillez vos boîtes mail la veille de votre khôlle puisqu’un.e de vous doit préparer l’oral à la maison.