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Homework for April 26th

Complete the exercises about the English tenses of the past. The exercises correction is available on Pronote (homework section). “A MOMENT I’LL NEVER FORGET“Write a 200-word narrative about a moment… Read more »

Homework for March 29th

What Fashion History Says About A Vice Presidential ‘Vogue’ Controversy – nprListen to that NPR program and prepare a two-minute oral presentation about it (quick summary + commentary). No notes… Read more »

Homework for March 22nd

Vocab test on French/English false cognates. Part 1 Group talks  Prepare for a group conversation that will be carried out at the beginning of class. You will speak about a… Read more »

Homework for March 15th

Prepare a two-minute oral (presentation without notes) based on your listening of a BBC podcast: Murphy’s law – BBC 4 – Scientifically Prepare a thoroughly detailed outline for your synthesis… Read more »

Homework for March 8th

Find out what the central issue of the dossier is (CCINP 2019). Write it down. Use the attached method sheet and complete part 1. 3. Start-of-class speaking activity: Group talks … Read more »

Homework for March 1st

CCINP exam paper. 1. Read the texts (see attachment: “LVA-Anglais 2019”) and look up any word of vocabulary you do not master (mastering a word of vocabulary = knowing its… Read more »

Homework for February 1st

Watch this video from Grammar Girl about how to write better emails. If you’d rather just focus on sound, you can listen to the podcast instead. As usual, prepare a… Read more »

Homework for Jan. 18th

Look up the following words in an online dictionary (eg: Oxford, Merriam Webster, Longman), listen to their pronunciation (GB or US pronunciation) and practice saying them outloud, paying particular attention… Read more »

Homework for Jan. 10

Read Vice UK’s article “Not Going Online Is the New Going Online” and prepare a 2-minute oral presentation + reaction about it. I will ask you not to read your… Read more »

Homework for Jan 4th 2021

Improve your answers to the questions on the 2019 Mines-Pont article. To do that, start by reading the “Rapport de Jury” included in the attached PDF file (directly following the… Read more »